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With our International Ambassadors, we organize workshops in slum areas where kids and women are explained about hygiene and gender equality. In a fun way knowledge about important aspects is passed on and through our ambassadors we get information about how the under-privileged people feel, through which we change our approach for the future. These workshops are aimed to improve the well being, reduce chances of infection, bringing down female foeticides and improving gender equality amongst families for their kids and gender sensitization for boys. We also indirectly inspire them to send their kids to education and assist them by mediating with the government schools, if any kid is facing a problem to avail their right to free eductation due to bribe or any other factor.

On completing of every workshop, Kids are distributed notebooks, eatables, gifts as a reward for attending the workshop enthusiastically and women are handed over medicated soaps and sanitary pads.

We have organized these workshops in different states of India and aim to increase our spread to reach more people.

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